The difference between cold rolling and hard cold forming pickling

Definition of product

In the analysis of the varieties, the first thing to make clear is the definition of these products, these commonly referred to are usually referred to as low carbon steel coil:

Pickling: usually refers to the hot-rolled steel coil after the pickling unit to remove the surface of iron oxide products.

Rolling: usually refers to the product of hot rolled steel coils that have been thinned by a cold mill after pickling, but have not been annealed.

Cold rolling: usually the product of a rolled coil that has been completely or partially annealed.

Cold forming: usually refers to hot-rolled, acid-washed strip steel produced by the ESP continuous casting and rolling process.

Cold forming steel sheet and strip


This standard specifies the classification, code, order content, size, shape, weight and allowable deviation, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking and inspection documents of cold-formed steel sheet and strip.

This standard is applicable to the cold formed copper strip of 0.50mm ~ 4.00mm thickness produced by rizhao baohua new material co.

Grade Naming Method

The brand consists of four letters, the first two of which are “RE”, representing the copper plate and steel strip produced by the ESP production line of rizhao baohua new materials co., LTD.The latter two represent the use of steel.

Production process differencesTo understand these four products, you must understand the difference in the production process.Continuous Casting 

ProductsSteelmakingContinuous Casting Hot RollingPicklingCold RollingAnnealing
Picklingmolten waterContinuous Casting SteelHot RollingPickling coil

Rollingmolten waterContinuous Casting SteelHot RollingPickling coilCold Rolling
Cold rollingmolten waterContinuous Casting SteelHot RollingPickling coilCold Rolling
Cold formingmolten waterESPPickling coil

Pickling rolls have no change in base material compared with hot rolling, and are often used in occasions where hot rolling has higher surface quality requirements.Common brand SPHC

Rolled coil is not cheap, formability and surface quality are not good, so usually only used in some thin specifications and performance requirements of the specific industry, such as umbrella bones, or factory trunk.Common brand cdcm-spcc, commonly known in the industry as “cold hard C material” cold rolled coil comprehensive performance is very good, but the disadvantage is the most expensive price (the most processes, the highest cost).Common brand SPCC, commonly known in the industry as “cold rolled C material”.

The forming performance of cold forming coil is much better than that of hard rolling coil, but not as good as that of cold rolling coil (mainly due to the influence of hot processing capacity and large leveling after pickling).

Common ESP cold forming grades include RECC, RECD, MCFC, etc.

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