Washing their own plate:Self-cleaning color board

Self-cleaning color coated board introduction


Many buildings are complex in shape and high in height, so the human and material cost of cleaning once is very high.We often see “spiderman” outside buildings, and safety at high altitude is a big problem.

Now the haze is so serious, the air quality is low, and the surface is more vulnerable to pollution.So there is no such a material, can achieve self-cleaning.

As we mentioned earlier, color coated panels are now used in many buildings because of their superior performance and low cost.There is a special variety of color coated, we call it will give their own bath color coated plate – self-cleaning color coated plate.

Self-cleaning color coated steel plate structure

Self-cleaning color coating board is also composed of substrate, coating, chemical conversion layer, primer, finish.


Self-cleaning principle


The surface of the color coating plate is enriched with hydrophilic additives and forms a dense paint film structure in the paint surface.Let’s compare the difference between ordinary color board and self-cleaning color board.

Stain resistance contrast

1 ordinary color board


The surface contaminant of ordinary color plate is easy to permeate from the small crack on the surface and cannot be removed by conventional cleaning method.

2 self-cleaning color board


The surface of the self-cleaning color board because of the existence of a layer of cross-linked dense paint film, can effectively resist the pollutants permeate into the paint film inside, and play a role in protecting the color board.

The hydrophilic

1 ordinary color board


Ordinary color board because is the surface of the water, when the rain wash, there is no way to adhere to the color board in the surface of the dirt to wash away.

2 self-cleaning color plate


Self-cleaning color plate has excellent hydrophilic surface, to ensure that the rain fully auxiliary development, wash away the surface of the pollutants.

Types of paint

According to different environmental requirements, commonly used coating has the following four kinds:

1. Self-cleaning polyester (PE)

2. Self-cleaning silicon modified polyester (SMP)

3. Self-cleaning high weathering polyester (HDP)

4. Self-cleaning fluorocarbon (PVDF)

Above four kinds of coating from top to bottom weather resistance is better and better, of course, the price is also more and more expensive.

Features and applications

1. Excellent decorative performance

2. Special finish design to achieve self-cleaning function

3, according to the different environment, there are a variety of topcoat to choose

4. Various medium and high strength substrates + different coating combinations

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